Looking to make your own deck shade sails? When you own a deck it’s a great place to entertain but any sun you get on the deck can get quite hot, which makes it too uncomfortable to entertain. A good deck shade sail can keep your deck quite cool and give you a comfortable place to sit and have fun with friends.

These shades can be quite expensive to buy but thankfully there are ways you can make them on your own. If you are looking to make your own deck shade sails I recommended the DIY (Do It Yourself) Shade Sail book. In this book, you’ll learn the techniques required to make your own deck shade sail from an expert.

For over a decade the writer of the book has been manufacturing, designing and installing high quality sail style cloths for decks to keep the sun off. His techniques are combined in an easy to follow book that anyone can use to make their own professional looking shade sail. You can have the covering you have always wanted for your deck that looks great and makes it much cooler for those hot days when you wan to stay on your deck and entertain your friends.

Shade Sails Step By Step

The book contains step by step instructions so you can make your very own shade sail and save hundreds of dollars. The handbook is done in a way that anyone will be able to use it, regardless of their experience.

What You’ll Learn


In the beginning you’ll learn all about shade sails and how they protect you from UV radiations form the sun. You’ll get facts and why you should install a shade sail.


In the next section you’ll learn how to plan for your shade sail. You find out of you need permission for your plan, how to dig the holes, install your columns plus a lot more.


The next section will describe shade sail design. You’ll learn how to order a shade sail and more.

Putting it Together

You’ll learn how to put the poles in the holes and more about the structural design details. You’ll learn about the hardware you need for your shade sail and how to fit the shade sail so it’s installed in the correct manner. You’ll get a step by step guide for the installation process.

The book covers everything that you’re going to need to install and use your own shade sail at home. These shade sails are great for protecting you and your family from harmful UV rays and for making your deck or other outside area a comfortable place to be.

People who have read the book say it has helped them install their own shade sail at home. The book also shows you how to install the shade sail so you get the s shade where you want it the most. The book shows you how to plan where the shade sail will go too. DIY (Do It Yourself) Shade Sail book is recommended.