DIY Shade | DIY Shade ebook for Shade Sail Installation

DIY Shade e-book

DIY Shade e-book

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Is this DIY Shade book for You?

  • Have you ever thought about installing a shadesail but never knew where to start?


  • Have you ever wanted to create a beautiful cool shade area in your outside area but thought that it would cost to much?


  • Have you ever wondered how they make those shades looks so architecturally appealing?


  • Have you had a quote from a professional shade company and nearly had a heart attack when you saw the price?


Again, here’s what you’ll receive:

Shade Sail DIY Installation

7 Detailed Chapters Covering:

  1. An introduction to shadesails
  2. Planning for a Shadesail
  3. Shadesail Design  – Best Designs and What to Avoid
  4. Installing the Attachment Points – Technical Info on Steel sizes
  5. Measuring Up for a Shadesail
  6. Fitting the Shadesail
  7. Shade Sail Maintenance

You also get:  A discount if you go ahead and purchase a shade sail from Shade Australia within 6 months, a 100% Credit on the price of the boo, 50% off your stainless steel hardware and a free tube of stainless steel lubricant.

Furthermore, if you have any specific questions when you’re doing the job you’re more than welcome to give us a call on 1300 155 233 and have a chat.

Here’s what you don’t get!!

  • A lot of technical jargon which you can’t understand
  • Overly technical information about doing large commercial jobs which is beyond the scope of this book

Shade Planning

In Summary;  This book is designed to save you the headaches most first time DIY shade installers make.  It’s aim is to make sure you don’t make the classic mistakes of using underside poles or shallow holes.  Go ahead and order today.  There’s a Full Money Back Guarantee if you buy the book and it isn’t doesn’t give you what you want*.  We’re confident that this book will save you a ton of money, make your job smoothly and give you a professional quality result.

05 Jan 2014