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DIY Shade Shade-sails Made Easy!

Do It Yourself Shade Cloth Sails. How to Design & Install Your Own Quality Shadesail and save a Fortune!

Finally, A STEP-BY-STEP How-To Manual for installing your very own PROFESSIONAL QUALITY SHADE SAIL.


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[quote by="Andy McLeod"]“Welcome to DIY Shade - Shadesails Made Easy.  The Information here gives an overview of what the DIY Shade book covers as well as the SPECIAL OFFER we’re currently running. ”[/quote]

[features] [feature_left name='Step-by-Step Instructions' image='DIY Professional Quality Shadesail']Hello. For over a decade I’ve run a successful business designing and installing custom-made shade cloth sails. I’ve taken what I’ve learned and summarised it into an easy to read, easy to apply manual that makes it easier than ever before to install a DIY Shade Sail and get a professional result. Not only will you gain a great sense of achievement having installed your very own shade sail, you'll save thousands of dollars! [/feature_left]

[feature_left name='Real Life Examples' image=' Shade Shade ExampleDIY Professional Quality ShadesailComobella Sail


']I know this because all 3 shade sails to the right here are Real Life Examples of a actual shadesail installed by people who had never done it before.  Using the easy to follow information these DIY’er installed their shadesail all by themselves.  These guys did it and you can too! Just follow the step by step instructions showing you how high to make your poles and how deep to dig your holes.  As you can see, the end result will be a professional quality shade sail at a fraction of the price you would have paid someone to come and do the job for you.

While you’re here please download your


In it I look at some common shadesail designs and make comments about what works and why! [/feature_left]

[feature_right name='We have kept the Focus on Keeping it SIMPLE'  image='completed job - druymmone church andrewshadesail_simple'] DIY SHADE, Shade-sails Made Easy is a step-by-step installation guide for the DIY Shade sail installer. It covers the basic principles of designing and installing a shade sail. You don't have to worry about complicated jargon. We've left all that out. If you're planing to cover the Sydney Foodball Stadium with a shade sail then this book probably isn't for you. If you're planning to cover your courtyard or swimming pool then this book will answer all your questions and walk you step by step through the process. "I certainly wish I'd had this book when I started my shadesail business all those years ago. It would have saved me a great deal of 'on the job' learning. " [/feature_right] [/features] [features]

For a limited time we have a very Special Offer on

DIY Shade Shade Sails Made Easy

Here’s the deal!

Order your electronic PDF copy of “DIY Shade – Shade sails Made Easy” right now and we'll email you a link to   download the book so you can get your project started right away.  You can print it or read it on your computer. As part of this special offer we also want to refund you the price of the book so if you buy shade sail from us within the next 6 months We'll refund you the full price of the book.  That basically means that you get the book for FREE!! On top of that, if you buy your shade sail from us at Shade Australia we'll also give you a 50% discount off your stainless steel hardware.  Typically, the cost of stainless steel turnbuckles and shackles for a shadesail is around $120.  That means you save another $60.  And one more thing… if you buy the stainless steel hardware from us we will include a FREE Tube of stainless steel lubricant.  It's is a common mistake people make – they buy expensive stainless-steel fittings but don’t lubricate the threads.  What happens is a something called “thread galling” which basically ruins the turnbuckles.  I’ve seen this happen over and over again.  We'll make sure this doesn’t happen to you!  We’ll send you a FREE tube of special stainless steel lubricant with your hardware. [button color="green" link="/product/diy-shade-e-book/"]eBook $29[/button] [button color="blue" link="/product/diy-shade-printed-e-book/"]Printed $39[/button] [button color="black" link="http://www.amazon.com/DIY-Shade-Yourself-Shades-Made/dp/1481984675/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1383023072&sr=8-1&keywords=diy+shade"]Buy on Amazon $29*[/button] [small_text]you can find more details about each version below[/small_text] [/features] [hero_area]

Shade Sail Design Tips

Right away we want to give you a FREE Video with some valuable shade sail design tips. Click to View.

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A quick look into the DIY Shade book

All on the things you will learn with this book cannot be explained in a short description. You will gain 65 pages of pure knowledge. Here’s just a quick summary of  What's covered in Each Chapter:

[/full_width] [/row] [row] [chapter number="Chapter 1" title="An Introduction to Shadesails" info=" "][/chapter] [chapter number="Chapter 2" title="Planning for a Shadesail" info=" "][/chapter] [chapter number="Chapter 3" title="Shadesail Design" info=" "][/chapter] [/row] [row] [chapter number="Chapter 4" title="Installing the Attachment Points" info=" "][/chapter] [chapter number="Chapter 5" title="Measuring Up for the Shadesail" info=" "][/chapter] [chapter number="Chapter 6" title="Fitting the Shadesail" info=" "][/chapter] [/row] [row] [chapter number="Chapter 7" title="Shadesail Maintenance" info=" "][/chapter] [/row] [/chapters] [features]

One of the common questions we often get asked is;

Can I really do it all myself ?


 [audio src="https://diyshade.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/audio2-1.mp3"] [/features]

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You can also download a free DIY Shade 5 Free Tips:

[small_text]sample contains only PDF version[/small_text] [button color="green" link="https://www.diyshade.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/DIY-Shade-5-Free-Tips.pdf"]Free Review Guide[/button] [/download_sample] [/section] [quote by="Nicolas"]“This book is a true mine of knowledge for anyone”[/quote][open_book]

Read actual reviews from people who've already bought the book...

We'd love you to buy this book and install you're own shade sail.  We'd also love you to give us your feedback.  Here is what some people have told us already.

[book_pages] [/book_pages] [/open_book] [quote by="Why We Love Shade"]“Think about it, the hotter it gets the harder it works, it runs for free, it’s 100% environmentally friendly and without a doubt quality shade is the safest sunscreen ever invented.”[/quote][features]

Learn From My Experience and Avoid the mistakes most DIY Shade sail installers Make

When I started my business back in the summer of 2000 I wish this information was available.  It would have saved me thousands of dollars and countless “expensive lessons”.  Back then I paid an engineer thousands of dollars to calculate all the sizes of holes, poles and hardware and provide them to me in a detailed set of engineering charts. Shade Sail I’ve taken those charts and summarised them to make it easy for YOU as a Do-it-Yourself Shadesail Installer to read and apply them.  They are right there in the book ready for you to use.  The charts alone are worth their weight in gold if you’re considering installing your own shadesail.  They'll ensure that the work you go to won’t be wasted.  That when you install your own shadesail you will be able to reference a chart that gives you the correct specifications for columns and footings.


Shade Sail Hailstrom

Did you know, shade sails also provide protection from hail.  Here’s a  shadesail we put up to protect this car in the driveway.  Not long after it was installed a big hail storm when through Sydney and the sail filled with hail.  The owner of the car took the photo on the left. After the hail melted we went back, gave the sail a quick re-tension and it was as good as new.

That’s right shade sails are also hail sails.

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Choose your desired version of this great book.

The only thing left to do for you is to pick your version. We’ve prepared an eBook version, Printed version or you want to buy on Amazon.

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Important Purchasing Information

We’ve done our best to give you lots of easy options to purchase your copy of DIY Shade – Shadesails made easy… Placing your order for the DIY Shade e-Book is done using Paypal. You can use your Paypal account or if you don’t have a Paypal account you can use a credit card.  All transactions are handled securely by Paypal and we do not store any credit card information.  Once you’re order has gone through, you will receive 2 emails from us.  One with your receipt and one with the download instructions for the e-book. PLEASE NOTE: This can typically take anywhere from 5 minutes to a couple of hours. The download is approximately 3.5mb and often it can go to your spam folder. If you haven’t received your download link within a few hours, please EMAIL US here or call us on 1300 155 233 and we’ll resend it. You can also order a bound of the book from us.  We’ll pack it and post it out to you. You can also order a printed copy of the book directly from Amazon.com.  Orders with Amazon typically take 2-3 weeks to arrive.  Amazon occasionally adjusts the price which is beyond our control. If you’d prefer you’re welcome to call us on 1300 155 233 and pay by credit card over the phone. We’ll take your order and email or post the book out to you. If you have any questions at all about the purchasing process feel welcome to email us here. If you like you can visit our premises and buy the book in person.  We’re located at 17 Norwich Road Ingleburn 2565 in South West Sydney.  We’re open normal business hours. [/features] [features]

Final Words...

Courtyard Shadesail Today, every outdoor activity requires some form of Sun Protection and a quality Shade sail is the best UV protection there is.  A Cancer Council Study reports that sunburn can occur in as little as 11 minutes so we need to take action.  DIY Shade will help you install a high UV protective shade cloth sail over your pool, courtyard or outdoor area that will protect you and your family from the harsh Australian Sun.  With 95% UV protective shade cloth fabrics you can enjoy the summer sun in safety and comfort. [/features] [features]


This book is designed to help you install a professional quality Shadesail.  It’s been written by an industry expert with over 14 years experience in the industry and thousands of shade sail installation’s under his belt.  If however you order your copy and you find it doesn’t cover the information you’re looking for then all you need to do is contact us with in 30 days and we’ll arrange for a 100% refund of your purchase price.   Money Back Guarantee [/features]