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Terms & Conditions

Whilst every attempt has been made to provide accurate information it must be understood that shade sails should only be installed by suitably capable and qualified persons.

Safe working methods must be adhered to at all times. Such methods may be dictated by specific onsite circumstances which are outside the scope of this book. It is incumbent on the reader to familiarize themself with such methods and to apply them at all times.

If you do not have the necessary experience or ability in this area it is recommended that a building professional be engaged to install your shade sail and you use the information in this book to act as a supervisor or consultant to the project.

All information in this document is provided as general guide only. Specific site considerations must always be taken into account. It is incumbent upon the person reading this book to make all necessary safety checks and take all necessary precautions and preparations regarding their own safety and that of others. It is recommended that for specific engineering and installation matters that suitably qualified professionals be engaged or consulted. The author of this book does not accept any liability whatsoever for the way in which this information is used or applied. Furthermore, all liability for damage, loss, injury or expense whether direct or indirect arising from the use of this information is expressly excluded to the full extent of exclusions under Federal and state law. No warranties are extended to any works carried out by any persons using information in this book. No promises are made as to any end result any one person may or may-not achieve from reading and/or employing any information covered in this book. It should be noted that this book must be read only upon acceptance of these stated terms. Should any person not accept these terms in their entirety they should immediately contact the provider at within 5 days of purchase of this book whereupon they will be supplied with a full refund.